Do I have to provide content (text, images etc.) for my website?

Yes. All the content of the website is the customer’s (your) responsibility. Our team will, however, set up dummy content on your website for preview purposes. We can then change this content out with the content that you provide us.

What is Responsive Theme?

All of our Themes can be adjusted automatically with any device screens like Desktop, NoteBook, NetBook, iPad, iPhone, Tablet, Android Phone or any other visual devices. Crystal Sharp Graphics of our Themes will give your site an Exceptional Look.

You can easily rely on our Themes for your site’s Professional and Elegant Look. All of our Themes are tested several times before releasing, and we believe that our Themes will have no visual issues.

Color Options and Custom Code inserting Options of our Themes can show your site in your desired color. which is perfect for your own branding. A Standard and Professional site should represent their Brand Color of Logo. Thus visitors can identify the difference of the site from others

Do you have customer service?

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable customer services reps are available to answer your questions you have regarding Web hosting, Domain, SSL 24/7/365. For Web Design, Graphic Design and Internet Marketing , please send us an email at: [email protected]

Does iWebGraphic provide email services as well?

iWebGraphic does not provide email services with the website. However, you may purchase an email package with any reputable provider like GoDaddy and our team will be happy to assist you get your email set up on your domain.

What is Responsive Theme?

What industries do you specialize in?
Our clients are as varied as our individual areas of expertise. While we don’t limit ourselves to specific industries, we have built up some areas of specialization in the fields of e-commerce, healthcare, education, professional services, news and media, Restaurants, Spa and Beauty, and more.

Will we need to have a face-to-face meeting to begin the project?

In the majority of cases, a meeting isn’t necessary and most of our websites are generally completed with contact via email and telephone only. We place suggested website designs online via, our secure testing server for you to view the work in progress. This way we can have regular communication to ensure you are getting exactly what you expect from the iWebGraphic team.

What services do you provide in addition to web design?

We fully support any website we design and are always available should you encounter any problems or require any enhancements. We offer web site maintenance, web hosting, SEO, Internet marketing, domain registration and graphic design and SSL. We have you covered.

How should I supply the content for my website?

It is helpful to us if you are able to provide text and photographs in electronic form via email, Dropbox, Google drive etc…

Will my website design be Search Engine friendly?

All our websites are created with search engines in mind and the website design is compliant with search engine guidelines. It is a good idea for your website to be re-evaluated in time as over a period of time the search engines do alter their rules and algorithms and you will want to be certain that your website is kept up to date and complies with new rules etc. To gain maximum visibility by the search engines, we highly recommend utilizing our comprehensive SEO services.

Are there hidden costs associated with your services?

No. We discuss with you your project requirements and then price accordingly and once you have placed an order for your project with us, we work hard so that the outlined price quote is strictly adhered to. For example, web design is very much an evolutionary process and often clients change the scope of a project once underway. If the need to alter the price quote arises, we will communicate this to you before any extra work is started. When changes and/or additions are requested by the client, additional costs will be agreed to.

Can you provide all our web design and hosting services?

Yes – we are your one stop shop providing all your web services. No more – not knowing who to call if you have problems – we can register your domain name – design your website – provide your web hosting and arrange your email accounts for you.

Can you provide all our web design and hosting services?

Yes – we are your one stop shop providing all your web services. No more – not knowing who to call if you have problems – we can register your domain name – design your website – provide your web hosting and arrange your email accounts for you.

What is managed hosting?

Our team will take care of the setup, configuration and maintenance of the website, domain registration/administration, website backups, security hardening, server monitoring, uptime monitoring and website installation. Are hosting packages are annual subscriptions.

Does my hosting subscription include 24/4 tech support?

Yes, call our Sales & Support team for Web hosting, Domain, SSL and Security Products at (480) 624-2500.

can I see how many visitors I've had to my website?

Yes we can provide web tracking software which records where you visitors are coming from and which pages they looked at, which search engines are being used, which phrases are being typed into which search engines and many more interesting web tracking facts which you should find useful for future marketing campaigns.

Does iWebGraphic build e-commerce websites?

Yes. We have Secure Servers (SSL) which use the latest encryption methods to ensure that your customers can buy from your website knowing that the information they enter is secure and safe.

Is there any training provided for the use of a CMS such as WordPress?

The Content Management Systems are very easy to use and do have explanatory notes included where necessary. We run through the administration screens with you when we design the site for you – however if at any time you have any questions we are available to run through the procedures or answer any queries you may have.

How much will a website cost?

The cost of a web site varies depending on the site and complexity. If you contact us, we will be pleased to discuss with you, your website design requirements and give you a quotation based on your unique needs.

How many pages can I have on my website?

As many as you like

Will I be able to make changes to my website on my own?

Yes, you can

We have worked diligently to try and include the majority of our frequently asked questions regarding our services

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